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Major accomplishments
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ
German Research Centre for
Geosciences, Germany.
MoU on the membership of the
International Continental Scientific
Drilling Program (ICDP).
The MoU is facilitating engagement of internationally renowned experts from ICDP to accomplish scientific deep drilling and associated investigations in the Koyna region. As a part of the membership agreement, ICDP also provides technical/ operational support, facilitate capacity building in terms of manpower training in key scientific areas. India is also represented on two panels of ICDP, viz, Assembly of Governors and Executive Committee.
Salient achievements during the past five years include: (i) planning and execution of deep borehole investigations down to 3 km depth in the Koyna Pilot Borehole, such as, configuring a Drilling Information System, collection and analyses of formation gas samples during drilling for chemical and noble gas isotope composition, and in-situ hydrofrac tests and data analyses , with technical support of ICDP, (ii) training of Indian scientists in scientific deep drilling and downhole measurements, (iii) delivering invited lecture(s) by Indian scientists at ICDP Training Course for PIs, (iv) planning of borehole seismic survey and instrumentation (to be carried out in the near future, and (v) joint-conduct of Post-Operations International Workshop on Koyna deep drilling project during October 2017 in India and engagement with top international experts from time to time. It is proposed to continue the collaboration in view of planned activities in the future.