During the Eighth Plan the Department implemented several research programmes viz. Marine Satellite Information Services (MARSIS), National Ocean Information System (NOIS) , Sea Level Monitoring and Modelling (SELMAM), Data Buoy Programme and Joint Global Ocean Flux Studies (JGOFS) to understand the role of ocean and its processes and for generation of user oriented coastal and ocean data and data products like waves, winds, temperature, current, salinity, upwelling, potential fishing zone information, coastal maps etc., for supporting coastal and off-shore developmental activities and oceanographic research. The OOIS also has plans for developing systems for Ocean State Forecast, on an experimental basis by the end of the 9th Plan. The programme consists of four major projects viz. Ocean Observing Systems , Ocean Information Services, Satellite and Coastal Oceanographic Research and Ocean Modelling and Dynamics.

The accomplishments under each of these four project components are summarised below:

5.1 Ocean Observing Systems(OOS)
5.2 Ocean Information Services(OIS)
5.3 Satellite Coastal & Oceanographic Research(SATCORE)
5.4 Ocean Modelling and Dynamics