Training Centre for Operational Oceanography


This proposal is to set up a permanent training facility for capacity building for ‘operational oceanography’ in continuation to the statement of the Indian delegation in the 43rd meeting of IOC executive council at UNESCO, Paris during 8-16 June 2010 (IOC/EC-XLI/3 Annex IX – page 20) and to train the required manpower to maintain the operational units in India. The training programme will aim at equipping the trainees in handing the specific issues in operational oceanography like oceanographic data collection (in situ and satellite), data transmission, processing, archiving, analysis, adoption of ocean models for different regions, dissemination of information to the users, etc.

a) Objectives:

  1. Set up a permanent training facility for capacity building and long term training of manpower specialized in operational oceanography at INCOIS.
  2. Build the faculty block and an international standard guest house cum hostel to accommodate the trainees and foreign faculty
  3. Recruit the necessary faculty to offer the training.
  4. Sign MoU/s with universities to award degree/diploma to the students who complete the long term courses.
  5. Conduct the short and long term training programmes.

b) Participating Institutions:

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, Hyderabad.

c) Implementation Plan:

INCOIS will set up an international training centre ‘Training Centre for Operational Oceanography’. The Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India will bear the cost of setting up of infrastructure, including land and building, and the operational cost including the salary of Indian faculty. The other cost, mainly, the travel and per dim for international trainees and the salary for international faculty will be borne by IOC or the member states who depute their faculty or trainees.

d) Deliverables:

  • A state of art training centre for operational oceanography
  • Training and capacity building of existing manpower
  • Creation of specialized manpower to man operational oceanographic centers and to develop new operational services and prediction models.

e) Budget requirement : 150 crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of the Scheme 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
Training Centre for Operational Oceanography 6.00 43.00 38.00 45.00 18.00 150.00


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