Offshore structures


Rising oil prices, increased environmental awareness and energy security issues are driving the rapid development of renewable energy technologies and dependence on offshore resources. There is increasing need of floating plants, design of the platform, riser pipe and its attachment from the point of dynamic interaction among them due to the action of waves, currents and wind. Optimization of structural design for wave forces to withstand high wave-loads is carried out. Also the design of sumps for drawing warm water and cold deep sea water for small islands is optimized. A suction pump capable of 2 bar suction (differential) has been developed and validation of various individual components is completed.

Accordingly, the analysis, design, model studies and testing of fixed and floating offshore platforms, moorings, anchors such as SUCTION PILE ANCHORS, material studies for cold water pipes and interface design and testing of riser connections to floating bodies and identification of suitable configuration for the fixed and floating offshore platforms for supporting wind turbines are being carried out

Last Updated On 05/14/2014 - 16:43
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