Ocean Modelling


The capability to run various global and regional models, viz., HyCOM, MOM4, CUPOM, ROMS which has significantly improved ocean forecasting services was established. Indian Ocean Forecasting System (INDOFS), first of its kind in the country and developed indigenously was made operational in January 2010. The core of the INDOFS is the state-of-art ocean general circulation model (OGCM), Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS), developed and distributed as open source code by the Rugters University, New Jersey, USA. The model is customized to simulate the observed Indian Ocean features realistically by making appropriate changes in the model parameters and source code. At present, the model is forced with the 5-day forecast data of surface wind fields and atmospheric fluxes from the atmospheric model of National Centre for Medium Range Forecast (NCMRWF), New Delhi. Accordingly, the INDOFS also forecasts the oceanographic features for 5 days. The INDOFS gives the forecasts on sea surface currents, sea surface temperature, mixed layer depth and the depth of the 20 degree isotherm as an indicator of the depth of thermocline. The forecasts are also being validated on a continual basis. A focused research and development approach will continue to support the INDOFS to meet the requirements of various users.

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