Ocean Color Research


The activity of operational generation of the ocean color satellite data products (chlorophyll, SST, Kd-490 and TSM) aligns to the global initiative known as Chlorophyll Global Integration Network (ChloroGIN) project. An automatic data processing chain (ADPC) has been set up to generate ocean color products using MODIS – Aqua data. The data products are being generated at near real-time (NRT) for the following Indian Ocean Region countries: India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Kenya, Maldives, Oman, Tanzania and Thailand and are disseminated via a web-server. As a spin-off, a value added product known as bloom indices (BI) has been also generated with live MODIS – Aqua data.

The SATCORE program has been found to be highly beneficial to the scientific community involved in operational as well as research activities in ocean color. The SATCORE program aims to deliver an in situ data-base of bio-optical properties of in-water constituents like: chlorophyll, CDOM, and TSM in the Indian coastal waters. The information on bio-optical properties will be used in the validation of existing algorithms as well as the development of new algorithms in optically complex coastal waters and to develop a comprehensive ocean color atlas of the region for baseline purpose. The new or improved algorithms for the retrieval of chlorophyll will also help in improving Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) advisory services.

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