Marine Living Resources Programe (MLRP)


Marine Living Resources Programme (MLRP) is proposed to be implemented as continuing multi-institutional scheme with CMLRE-Kochi as the lead agency. During the XII plan period, the focus will be on the development of output products in the form of models, information system and advisories. Major topics to be addressed include:

  1. Monitoring and Modeling of the Marine Ecosystems (MMME)
  2. Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB)
  3. Study on Marine Benthos (Benthos)
  4. Assessment of Deep-Sea and distant water fishery resources (DSDWFR)
  5. Southern Ocean MLR (SO-MLR)
  6. Integrated Taxonomic Information System for Indian Ocean (ITIS-IndO)
  7. MLR Technology development (MLR-TD)
  8. Operation & Maintenance
  9. (ix) MLR – Drugs from the Sea
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