Earthquake Monitoring, Prediction and Mitigation


Earthquake Monitoring: A real-time seismic monitoring network consisting of seventeen broad-band stations for monitoring of earthquakes is set up to estimate earthquake parameters within shortest possible time. Significant earthquakes are being auto-located and first information is sent within 15 minutes using both Indian and global seismic stations configured in the network. A 20-station VSAT-based seismic telemetry network is established for real time monitoring and reporting of seismic activity in the northeastern region of India. Facilities have also been created for scanning, vector digitization and systematic archival of seismic analog charts of historical importance in electronic form.

Earthquake Pre-cursor Studies: During the last two decades, India has been affected by moderate to large magnitude earthquakes not only in the Himalayan region, but also in the Peninsular Shield region. National Program on Earthquake Precursors (NPEP) was launched to adopt an integrated approach of generation, assimilation and analyses of a variety of earthquake precursory phenomena in critical seismotectonic environments in the country in a comprehensive manner. As part of this, a suite of Multi-Parametric Geophysical Observatories (MPGOs) have been set up at Ghuttu, Shillong and Koyna to monitor various earthquake precursory phenomenon such as, seismicity patterns, crustal deformations, gravity anomalies, electrical resistivity changes, electromagnetic perturbations, water level changes, geo-hydrochemical changes, Radon and Helium anomalies and thermal anomalies, etc. Preliminary analyses of these data sets have provided useful leads on the ongoing tectonic processes in the Koyna-Warna region, which has helped in issuing short-term forecasts of earthquakes in this region. In Ghuttu, various geophysical data series are being analysed for probable identification of precursory signals.

Micro-zonation studies: Microzonation is a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional effort, which has direct application in disaster mitigation and management, urban development, planning, design and construction, and risk assessment to existing life and property, defence installations, heavy industry and public utilities and services, etc. During the last few years’ efforts have been made to take up microzonation studies for Delhi, Guwahati, Sikkim and Bangalore. The microzonation of Guwahati, Sikkim and Bangalore on 1:25000 scale, and Delhi on 1:50,000 scale has been completed.

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