Earth Science and Technology Cells (ESTC)


During the plan period, the Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology Cells (OASTCs) will continue to function in the specified areas with the following objectives. Henceforth, the OASTCs will be known as Earth Science and Technology Cells (ESTC)

  1. To create adequate expertise in various disciplines of ocean and atmospheric science & technology for the benefit of the society for enhanced awareness about the phenomenon and processes of earth systems.
  2. Encourage universities, colleges & institutes to perform front ranking research in science.
  3. Evolving technology for harnessing of resources including energy and capacity building to meet the present and future needs for scholastic pursuits and industry.
  4. To maximize the benefits that our country could realize from her vast ocean regime.
  5. To promote scientific temper and awareness among the public and school children about ocean and its resources, usefulness, management and development.
  6. Promotion of proven/viable technologies for harnessing of resources for the benefit of the local communities in the areas of aquaculture, seaweeds, fishing gear improvisation etc.

a) Objectives:

  1. Continuation of the activities of ESTCs/CoEs towards manpower development and capacity building in earth system sciences.
  2. Funding of research projects on earth system sciences
  3. Opening up of new ESTCs and up-gradation of existing ESTCs into MoES Centres of Excellence (CoE)
  4. Funding for international travel support to the scientists.
  5. Establishment of Programme management cell in the ministry

b) Participating Institutions:

Earth System Science Organization, Delhi.

c) Implementation Plan:

Each ESTC functions under overall guidance and periodic monitoring and review of the Scientific Steering Committee(SSC) towards implementation as per objectives and in time line. SSC is comprised of a chairman and subject expert members(up to 3) and MoES Scientist as member convener as per OM on the matter dated 23 May 2014. Project Coordinator of an ESTC shall be facilitating meetings of respective SSC. Committee chaired by Secretary MoES is the apex policy making body for the programme..

d) Deliverables:

  1. Addressing national and international issues of scientific relevance and finding solutions thereof.
    • Publication of papers in peer reviewed national and international journals.
    • Filing of patents in national and international patent offices
    • Undertaking National and international collaborative projects. Improved interaction with national and international scientists to address relevant scientific issues.
  2. Manpower Development & Capacity Building
    • Degrees awarded (Ph.D/M.Phil/MS etc)
    • Visiting professorship awarded (National/ international
    • Workshop/seminar/symposium of national importance organized
  3. Establishment of new ESTCs and up-gradation of existing ones into Centers ofExcellence (CoE)
    • Improved functioning of the ESTCs

e) Budget requirement : 75 crores

(Rs. In crores)

Budget Requirement
Name of the Scheme 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
Centre of Excellence 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 75.00


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