Development of integrated deep sea mining system


Design and development of Underwater Mining System with Manganese Nodule Collector and Crushing Systems completed. Testing and qualification of underwater mining system with collector and crushing systems was done in Angria Bank (off coast of Malvan) at 512 m depth after laying artificial nodules during September–October 2010. A remotely operable in-situ soil testing equipment was developed and tested successfully at 5200m water depth. Realization, installation and commissioning of Hyperbaric Test Facility (simulating 9000 m of Ocean Depth) and Testing of Deep-sea Equipment and Components, and Hydrotransport Test Facility, Underwater Vehicle Test Pond and other Facilities like Winch Test Facility, Hydraulic Valve Test Facility have been developed. Indigenization development of 10 new products and devices for Deep-sea Mining like Subsea Motors, Transformers, Thrusters, Load Cells, Depth Sensors, etc. have been completed.

Last Updated On 05/14/2014 - 16:50
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