Atmospheric Observations Network


Major achievements/outcomes of the scheme

  • Augmentation of Doppler Weather Radar Network from 14 in 2012 to 26 in 2019 including 3 DWRs from ISRO. Introduction of nowcasts (next six hours) of thunderstorms for 433 cities based on Doppler Weather Radars and highway and tourism forecasts.
  • As a boost to the Make in India and Digital India Initiative, production of indigenous GPS based Pilot-sonde has been started in IMD Workshop at New Delhi and implemented at New Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Regional and Global monitoring stations of Environmental Monitoring were strengthened through establishment of Online GHGs monitoring System, augmentation of Ozone monitoring network, Cloud - Aerosol – Precipitation Interaction measurements. Environment monitoring Services provided to EPCA, DPCC, CPCB, and PMO. Air quality forecasting model SILAM v5.5 is operational at IMD.
  • Implementation of Multi-Mission Meteorological Data Receiving & Processing System (MMDRPS), The processed data of INSAT-3DR is being received from SAC ISRO through NKN connectivity and the images being generated at IMD and disseminated on the website.
  • An integrated web based monitoring platform for lightning detection and NOWCASTS introduced in 2018 using Satellite, Radar, Lightning detection network.
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