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S.NO. Title PI Name Institute Name Sanction with Date Duration Status Major Equipments
1 River dynamics and flood Risk eveluation of the Kosi river, north Bihar Plains:
an integrated approach
Prof. Rajiv Sinha IIT Kanpur
Uttar Pradesh


21st May, 2009

3 Years Completed


1. Stress probes, sediment drum, flume etc
2. kinematic GPS
3. Digital altimeter

2 Geoscientific Studies in parts of West Bengal Coast and Offshore inundation vulnerability assessment and coastal hazard preparedness Dr . Bijan Kumar Saha

Jadavpur University



8th june, 2011

3 Years Completed Abstract
3 Petrology, Geochronology and Radiogenic Isotope Systematics of distinct Proterozonic Mafic Dyke Swarms Emplaced within the Dharwar Craton : Implications for the Recognition of Large ligneous Provinces (LIPs) and Paleocontinental Reconstruction. Prof. Rajesh K. Srivastava

Banaras Hindu University



29th November, 2011

3 Years Completed Abstract
4 Heavy Mineral chemistry in different source rocks and coastal sediments of SW coast of india Dr. G.R. Ravindra Kumar CESS Trivandrum


16th March, 2012

3 Years On-going Abstract
5 Study of the Sub-Himalayan Lower Cenozoic succession with spl. Ref. to the reconstruction of the techno-sedimentary history of Subathu basin Prof.Prabir Das Gupta Presidency Univ.,Kolkata


5th June 2013

1 Year On-going Abstract
6 Evaluating structural control on gold mineralization in Gadag region (Karnataka) –
a study based on fabric quantification and kinematic analysis
Dr. Manish Atmaprakash Mamtani Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur MOES/P.O.(GEO)/1/2013       06th June, 2014 3  Years On-going

(i) Axio Imager.M2M automated polarizing microscope & Image analysis  system   (ii) Destop Computer & peripherals                          (iii) UPS

7 Exhumation and denudation history of the western and central arunachal himalaya: low temperature thermochronology investigation Dr. George Mathews Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay MOES/P.O.(GEO)/2/2013  ,18th November, 2013 3  Years On-going Precision Saw, Precision furnace and Pelletier cooled hot-cold water both
8 Petrogenesis of mafic and ultramafic magmatism at Madawara Igneous Complex, Bundelkhand Craton: Implications for Platinum Group Elements (PGE) Metallogeny Dr.V.Balaram (i)  CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad     (ii)  Bundelkhand University, Jhansi MOES/P.O.(GEO)/4/2013       16th July, 2014 3 years Ongoing 1. Jaw Crusher    2. Magnetic susceptibility meter
9 Mineral Mapping in Kajali Dongari of Dist. Jhabua using  Hyperspectral Data Analysis & Field Verifications by ASD Spectro-radiometers Dr. Jyoti Sarup Maulana Azad National  Institute of Technology, (Manit) Bhopal MOES/P.O.(GEO)/6/2013   , 19th August, 2013 1 year Completed Desktop
10 Biogeochemical and Atmospheric Changes during Archean-Proterozoic Transition: Geochemical and Isotopic studies from greenstone belts of Dharwar craton and Cuddapah basin Dr. Chakravadhanula Manikyamba NGRI-CSIR, Hyderabad MOES/P.O.(GEO)/8/2013        29th August, 2014 2 years Ongoing Microscope
11 Metamorphic Trajectory of the granulites from the Jagtiyal Section, Andhra Pradesh: Implication on the crustal evolution Dr. Divya Prakash Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi MOES/P.O.(GEO)/9/2013        26th November, 2013 3 years Ongoing  
12 Quaternary Landform Evolution along the Himalayan Frontal Thrust of India: Insight to the patterns of strain release along a Continental Convergent Plate Boundary Dr R.Jayangonda Perumal Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun MOES/P.O.(GEO)/11/2013      31st March, 2014 3 years Ongoing (i) Workstation, Desktop for GIS and Image processing Analysis       (ii) Laptop for field data - real time mobile mapping, collection of data on preloaded map     (iii) Remote sensing Products
13 Phosphorus fractionation in surface and core sediments: An Implication in Restoration and Conservation of Govind Ballabah Pant Sagar, Singrauli, M.P. Dr. Anshumali  Indian School of Mines
MOES/P.O.(GEO)/15/2013        27th June, 2014 3 years Ongoing 1. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer                           2. Remote Sensing Data/Satellite Imaginaries (1m resolution) and Toposheets                         3. GPS                                    4. Laptop                                     5. Camera
14 Geological characterization of the Kashmir valley with the objective of quantifying probabilistic hazard and risk in high risk areas of the valley using a logically integrated set of geoscientific investigations Dr. Rakesh Chandra (i)   University of Kashmir, Srinagar                         (ii) Centre for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS) MOES/P.O.(GEO)/16/2013       29th March, 2016 3 years Ongoing (i) Global Positioning system, computing hardware, GPS camera, bldg. material testing equipment                              (ii) 10 Micrometer recorders,           5 sensors, computing hardware
15 Unified Geological-Morphometrical-Geotechnical Study for Prediction and Mitigation of Landslides along Road-cut Hills of Rishikesh-Joshimath rout, Kumaon Himalaya Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dubey Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad MOES/P.O.(GEO)/23/2014      27th April, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1. Hand-held core drilling machine                                      2. Rebound Smidt's hammer (digital)                                             3. Ultrasonic concrete tester                                       4. Software (FLAC2D, Tslope, Galena, SV slope, UC-1-LEM) & accessories
16 Characterization, quantification and genesis of gas hydrate in Krishna-Godavari Basin, Bay of Bengal using benthic foraminiferal, geochemical and geophysical studies Dr. Ajoy Kumar Bhaumik (i) Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad            (ii) NGRI, Hyderabad MOES/P.O.(GEO)/24/2014        2nd December, 2014 3 years Ongoing ISM    1. Advanced high resolutio stereo zoom microscope, cold light source, CCD camera with imaging software and workstation                2. Advance polarizing Microscope with transmitted and reflected light source for opaque and thin section specimen complete with camera and software, point counting stage for model analysis and other accessories and workstation   3.  Hot Air Oven with digital ocntroller and display                           NGRI       Workstation (Two)
17 Rare Earth Metal abundances in certain Pan-African granitoids of Karbi Hills, Assam Dr. Dilip Majumdar (i) Dibrugarh University, Assam              (ii) Assam University MOES/P.O.(GEO)/25/2014       17th November, 2014 3 years Ongoing Trinocular polarising microscope with digital camera & EFI (extended focul imaging)  A Desktop computer with peripherals
18 Deep crustal processes during the evolution of Archaean Nilgiri Block, southern India Dr. Krishnan Sajeev Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore MOES/P.O.(GEO)/26/2014       28th April, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1.  GPS & field kit   2.  Shatter Box      3.  MMCCPSU power supply units   4.  Mineral mounting unit      5.  Rock corer
19 Migmatization, melting, Leucogranite generation, and exhumation of the higher Himalayan Crystallines (HHC), Sikkim Himalaya Prof. Sandeep Singh Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee MOES/P.O.(GEO)/27/2014     7th November, 2014 3 years Ongoing

1. GPS                               

2. Camera    

20 Identification of artificial recharge sites using geophysical, RS and GIS technique and construction of recharge structures and hydrogeochemical studies for selected borewells in ramanagaram taluk, karnataka Dr. A.V.Ganesha Ghousia College of Engineering, Karnataka MOES/P.O.(GEO)/28/2014       26th September, 2014 3 years Ongoing Water level indicator
21 Luminescence Chronology of Paleoflood and aeolian dunes deposit in Kaveri Basin: Implication to Holocene climate reconstruction Dr. Manoj Kumar Jaiswal Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, (IISER), Kolkata MOES/P.O.(GEO)/29/2014       15th October, 2014 5 years Ongoing OSL Dating System
22 Flood Hazard Evaluation and Vulnerability Assessment of Upper Jhelum Floodplain in Kashmir Valley Prof. M. Sultan Bhat University of Kashmir, Srinagar MOES/P.O.(GEO)/30/2014      27th April, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1. Global Positioning System -RTK (1)   2. Satellite Data & DEM        3. Hydro-meteorological Data      4.PC    5. Digital Camera
23 Reconstructing the Catalogue of High Energy Marine Events from Gujarat Coast Using Geological Signatures during the last 6000 years Dr. B. K. Rastogi Institute of Seismological Research Raisan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat MOES/P.O.(GEO)/32/2014      15 May, 2015 3 years Ongoing  
24 Water and sediment characterization of Kallai River, Kerala: Geochemical and sedimentological approach Dr. Govind Joseph Chakrapani Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),  Roorkee MOES/P.O.(GEO)/33/2014       27th February, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1.   Gas chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer                                   2. Ion Chromatograph
25 Geochemistry, Sr, Nd and Os isotopic studies of the Mesozoic Tethyan sedimentary rocks from Himachal Pradesh, NW Himalaya: Implications  for Provenance, Tectonics and Paleoclimate Dr. Shaik Abdul Rashid Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh MOES/P.O.(GEO)/34/2014       12th May, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1. Polarizing microscope   2. Computer with laser printer                3. Digital Camera
26 Sedimentological, Geochemical and Geochronological Investigations of the Greywacke Conglomerate of the Western Dharwar Craton –a record of Archaean Glaciation event! Dr.VS Hegde SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad MOES/P.O.(GEO)/35/2014        06th May, 2015 4 Years Ongoing 1. Upgradation of binocular stereomicroscopes with Gooslink illumination for Zircon Separation, For Heavy mineral study            2. Cleansing of existing microscop    3. GPS                                    4. Linear measurement software
27 Quantitative reconstruction of the Paleogene climate of paleo-equatorial region based on Indian palynological records Dr. Vandana Prasad Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (BSIP), Lucknow MOES/P.O.(GEO)/36/2014      14th May, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1.   One Microscope with digital camera and software    2.   One Computer     3.   One printer-colour laser
28 Geodynamics of crustal accretion, growth and related mineralization across the craton—Eastern Ghats Belt contact: an integrated geological and seismic investigation Dr. Arun Singh Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT), Kharagpur- MOES/P.O.(GEO)/37/2014      27th February, 2015 3 years Ongoing

1.  BBS (4 Nos.)     2.  Dry batteries    3.  Solar Panels        4.  Chargers     5.  Field accessories

29 Geobiotechnological study of Quaternary sea level changes along the coast of Tamil Nadu using Sedimentological, Micropaleontological and Microbiological indicators. Dr. K. Anbarasu National College, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu MOES/P.O.(GEO)/40/2015      22th June, 2015 2 years Ongoing 1.   Real time - Gradient PCR   2.   Anaerobic work station
30 Geological and geomorphic characterization of the frontal thrust fault at central and northeast Himalaya Prof. C. P. Rajendran Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR),
MOES/P.O.(GEO)/41/2015     22th June, 2015 3 years Ongoing Desktop computer with printer cum scanner & peripherals
31 Rockfall hazard assessment along the Road Cut Slopes on NH-44A between Aizawl city and Lengpui Airport, Aizawl, Mizoram, India Dr. Amit Kumar Verma   Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad Jharkhand, MOES/P.O.(GEO)/42/2015     29th July, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1.  Software-Rockfall, Rockplane, Rocktopple   2. P-Wave instrument     3. Digital Hammer  4. Total station
32 Deciphering high resolution climatic changes in Indian Himalaya for the last 20,000 years by employing manifold archives with emphasis on extreme climatic events of multi-annual to decadal and longer time scales Dr. B. S. Kotlia Centre of Advanced Study in Geology, Kumaun University, Nainital MOES/P.O.(GEO)/43/2015      12th June, 2015 4 Years Ongoing 1. Increment Borer 2. Drill machine    3. Two temp. / Humidity loggers
33 Study on Pingla-Kishanganj Fault and Its Reactivation Process Dr. Saumen Maiti Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad MOES/P.O.(GEO)/44/2015      12th June, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1.   Advanced Research License & Gravity modeling system-3D     2.   Laptop
34 Origin and evolution of crust in the NE part of the Singhbhum craton:
constraints from geochemistry and geochronology of granitoids
Dr. Sukanta Dey (i) Indian School of Mines,
Dhanbad     (ii) NGRI
MOES/P.O.(GEO)/45/2015        27th July, 2015 3 years Ongoing 1.  Geological Hammer with short handle     2.  Geological Hammer with long handle
35 Neogene-Quaternary Climate Changes and Dietary shifts in Siwalik and Narmada Valley Herbivorous Mammals Dr. Rajeev Patnaik Panjab University, Chandigarh MOES/P.O.(GEO)/46/2015      31st March, 2016 3 years Ongoing 1.  BUEHLER ISOMET 1000Precision Saw with automatic cut off switch. Counter balance sliding load weight system, 0-500 gm, built in micrometer   2.  Micro Jack motorized preparation tool    3.  Compressor for Micro Jack   4. Field Camera (D-SLR)     5. Laptop
36 Palynoflora, reptilian tetrapods and clay minerals of sediments associated with Deccan Continental Flood Basalts of the Malwa Group, Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh: a biotic response to climatic changes Dr. (Mrs.) Bandana Samant Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur MOES/P.O.(GEO)/49/2015     25th April, 2016 3 years Ongoing 1.  Research Zoom microscope with image analyzer.     2.  Dental drill machines/engines for preparing vertebrate fossil with blurs   3.  Sieves set/Screen for macerations     4. Hammers / Chisel sets and Brunton  5.  Software Tella graphics                               6.   High resolution SLR camera with stand and illuminating source for fossil photography
37 Development of structural criteria for aquifer mapping in the Precambrian
Terranes of Ambaji region of North Gujarat, India
Prof. Tapas Kumar Biswal IIT Bombay, Bombay MOES/P.O.(GEO)/50/2015      12th April, 2016 3 years Ongoing  
38 Geochemistry and C, O, Sr, Nd, Fe, Cr and Mo isotopic compositions of carbonate rocks from greenstone belts of the Dharwar craton: Implications to ocean redox state, oxygenation and carbon burial during Archean Dr. Balakrishnan Srinivasan Pondicherry University,
MOES/P.O.(GEO)/53/2015      17th June, 2016 3 years Ongoing 1. Clean - air laminator Flow benches - 1 units   2. Water purification System (MilliQ), 01 Unit
39 Kaveri crater - a probable impact structure in the Precambrian Terrain of Southern India Prof. Prakash Narasimha K. N. University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore MOES/P.O.(GEO)/55/2015           31st March, 2016 1  years Ongoing  
40 Arsenic release and movement from arsenic elevated paddy soil in Bengal Delta region of India during monsoonal flooding Dr. Sutapa Bose  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata (IISER) Mohanpur, West Bengal MOES/P.O.(GEO)/56/2015       29th February, 2016 3 years Ongoing 1.  Spectrophotometer    2.  Hot air oven    3.  Electronic microbalance


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