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National Center for Seismology

The National Centre for Seismology (NCS) is established by Ministry of Earth Sciences as an attached office to address all earthquake related matters in the country under one umbrella of the Earth System Science Organization (ESSO). The Center is providing effective linkages / interface amongst various organizations / institutions working in the fields of Seismology and allied subjects for optimal use of infrastructure and resources. The broad and ultimate objective of the NCS is to provide earthquake (M:3.0 and above) related information to all user agencies in shortest possible time, earthquake hazard and risk related products of specific regions as mitigative measures for design and construction of earthquake resistant structures and land use planning towards minimizing damage to property and loss of lives due to earthquakes. NCS is also mandated to carry out research in pure and applied seismology and earthquake precursory phenomena, earthquake processes and modelling.

There are five divisions, namely, Earthquake Monitoring & Services, Earthquake Hazard & Risk Assessment, Geophysical Observation System, Earthquake Process & Modelling and Program Planning & Coordination to carry out various activities of NCS. NCS is maintaining a National Seismological Network consisting of a total of 82 field observatories, including two telemetry clusters, one each around NCT Delhi (16 stations) and Northeast India (20 stations), for monitoring of seismic activities in and around the country on a 24x7 basis. NCS is carrying out active research on detail crust & upper mantle structure of sections of Indian shield Himalayan regions using various techniques, such as, receiver function techniques, surface wave dispersions, etc., estimation of expected ground motions for critical areas from future scenario earthquakes using various techniques and carrying out earthquake precursor observations, comprehensive analysis of the data sets. Additionally, scientists of NCS are actively involved in some of the on-going cutting-edge R&D projects being supported by the MoES, such as, ‘National Program on Earthquake Precursors’, ‘Deep drilling investigations in Koyna-Warna region of Mahrashtra', ‘Earthquake Early Warning System in Himalaya’, ‘Study of largest Geoid-low’, Volcanological studies in Andaman islands’, etc.

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