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Project under Atmospheric Science including Climate Change
S.NO.TitlePI NameInstitute NameSanction with DateDurationCost(Rs. in lakhs)StatusMajor Equipments & Abstract
1Research for Seasonal Prediction of the Indian Monsoon(RESPIM)Prof. Sulochana GadgilIISc., Banglore
MoES/SB/R&D/RESPIM/2008/03/01 26 th March, 20085 Years35.17CompletedAbstract
2Research, Education and Manpower Development in the discipline of Earth ProcessesProf. A.G. MenonThe Centre for Earth Science, IISc Banglore
MoES/ATMOS/PP-IX/09 24th September, 20095 Years1170.8On-going transferred to GeoscienceAbstract List
3Interactions between atmospheric boundary layer and deep convection over the CTCZ dominProf. G. S. BhattIISc., Banglore
SR/S4/CTCZ/08/2009 12th October, 20093 Years113.2CompletedMircrowave Profiler with accessories
4Development of a Framework for Systematic Model DiagnosisDr. Krishna Achuta RaoCentre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT, DelhiMoES/16/30/09-RDEAS 25th November, 20094 Years
23.40On-goingAbstract Power station and storage devices
5Study of contamination of earth (Soil and ground water) through leaching of seawage waste from heavily loaded unlined drains in DelhiDr. Tanu JindalAmity University, NoidaMoES/16/02/09-RDEAS 21st Jaunuary, 20103 Years48.00CompletedAbstract 1.water still automatic 2.B.O.D incubator(2) 3.horizontal laminar flow bench 4.laboratory autoclave (vertical) 5.binocular research microscope
6Monsoon Driven Changes as Preserved in Marine Sediments off Gujrat and KonKan Coasts During the Past 20 Kyr.Prof. M P Panigrahi & Prof. Anil Kumar GuptaIIT, kharagpur West BengalMoES/16/49/09-RDEAS 23rd April, 20103 Years29.00CompletedAbstract Chemicals( platinum and cobalt oxide catalyst) 2.sample holders for TOC analysis 3.faunal slides
7Impact Assessment and Economics benefit of weather and Marine Services of MoESMr. R. Venkatesan Senior Consultant HeadNCAER, New Delhi DelhiMoES/16/37-A/09 RDEAS(IA&EB) 4th May 20105 Months49.00Completed 
8Surface energy Budget and Boundary Layer Structure over the Bay: An Observational study during CTCZProf. G.S. BhatIISc. BangaloreMoES/16/34/10-CTCZ 18 th June. 20092 Years40.21CompletedAbstract
9Oceanographic observation in the southern Bay of Bengal cold pool during CTCZDr. P.N. VinayachandranIISc. BangaloreMoES/16/33/10-CTCZ 23rd June , 20093 Years20.52CompletedAbstract
10Oceanographic observation in the southern Bay of Bengal deep convection during CTCZDr. A. Suryachandra RaoIITM, PuneMoES/16/32/10-CTCZ 4th June, 20093 Years13.18Completed 
11Oceanographic observation in Component during CTCZDr. Shankar DoraiswamyNational Institute of Oceanography (NIO),GoaMoES/16/35/10-CTCZ 18 th June, 20093 Years40.35CompletedPortable CTD (2)
12Design and development of a unified modeling system for seamless weather and climate predictions of monsoonsProf. O. P SharmaIIT, Delhi DelhiMoES/16/10/10-RDEAS 10th December, 20104 Years457.82Completed1. Master node 2.Compute node 3.Infiniband switch and compiler licenses 5.Graphis system
13Fine practicles over an Ecologically Sensitive Zone- Source Apportionment, Visibility and climate effectsDr . Ramya Sunder RamanIISER Bhopal Madhya PradeshMoES/16/09/10-RDEAS 8th February, 20113 Years
1.Automatic weather monitoring system 2.Integrating nephelometer 3.transmmissiometer
14Physicochemical characterization of aerosol and source apportionment in mid Brahmaputra plian in Assam : a modeling approachDr . Raza Rafiqul HouqueTezpur University, AssamMoES/16/16/10-RDEAS 9th March, 20103 Years69.653CompletedAbstract TOC analyser 2. Ion chromatograph 3.samplers 4.sonicator 5.GRIMM portable aerosol/dust monitor model 6. pH meter
15Collaborative Programme to study the Impacts of climate change on human,Natural and Spatial EnviornmentsProf Anjana Vyas (Overall Coordinator)CEPT University,Ahmedabad GujaratMoES/16/39/09-RDEAS 23rd March, 20113 Years101.14Completed1.Arc PAD?GPS 2.Ultrasonic flow meter 3.Composite Sampler 4.ENVI software 5.Mike urban software 6.Instruments for weather data collection
16Measuring the impact and economic benefits of services provided by Ministry of Earth Sciences Desalination, Ornamental fishing, Aviation Sector, Lobster and crab fatteningMr. R. Venkatesan (Senior Consultant & Head)NCAER, New Delhi DelhiMoES/16/37-A/09 RDEAS(IA & EB) 19th September, 20116 Month41.00Completed 
17Determination of the impact of oxidizing capacity of the troposphere on the abundance of carbon monoxide and methane with special reference to indiaDr. Meena JainNational Physical Laboratory DelhiMoES/16/21/11-RDEAS 24th November, 20113 Years22.43ClosedAbstract
18Cosmic Rays-cloud-climate Conudrum : Can lon-Aerosol Near Cloud Mechanism Explain the observed Correlation?Prof. S.N. TripathiIndian Institute of Technology KanpurMoES/16/05/11-RDEAS 16th December, 20113 Years59.801CompletedAbstract Cluster+Visualization Servers
19Establishment of pulsed laser PhotoLysis-Laser induced Fluorescene spectrometer and measurement of atmospheric lifetimes of volatile organic compounds in the Earth's atmosphereDr. B. RajaKumarIndian Institute of Technology MadrasMoES/16/19/11-RDEAS 25th June, 20133 Years114.08CompletedAbstract 1.Excimer laser 2.delay generator 3.temperature controlling fluid circular
20Development of a mid-IR Cavity Ring- Down Spectrometer for High-Precision Real-Time Continuos Monitoring of Multiple Trace Gases and stable Isotopic species in the atmosphereDr. Manik PradhanS N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences KolkataMoES/16/26/12-RDEAS 25th June, 20134 Years85.55CompletedAbstract List
21Advancing Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks for Real-time Monitoring and Detection of DisastersDr. Maneesha V. RameshAmrita Centre for Wireless Networks & Applications, Amrita Vishwa VidyapeethamMoES/16/22/11-RDEAS October 20133 Years514.05


(Transferred to Ge-Science)
22Estimate the Cost of Customized Forecasts - NCMRWF and INCOIS ProductsMr. R. Venkatesan, Senior Consultant & HeadNCEAR, NEW DELHIMoES/16/37-A/09/RDEAS (IA & EB) 05-03-20147 Months50.80Completed 
23Measurements and modeling of cloud condensation nuclie (CCN) in Indian continental and marine airDr. Sachin GuntheDepartment of Civil Engineering, IIT MadrasMoES/16/30/12-RDEAS April 20143 Years99.6Completed


Cloud condensation nuclei Counter

24Estimation of Carbon Sequestration Potential of Trees in Southern Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India by Pachaiyappa’s College, ChennaiDr. T. SekarPG & Research Dept. of Botany Pachaiyappa’s College (Affiliated to University of Madras),ChennaiMoES/16/25/13-RDEAS 3rd July 20143 Years29.49CompletedAbstract
25Aligned Carbon Nanotubes as Porous Materials for selective Carbon-Dioxide Adsorption and Desorption: Effect of Pressure and ChargeDr. Jayant K. Singh,Associate ProfessorDepartment of Chemical Engineering, I.I.T., Kanpur-208016MoES/16/16/2013-RDEAS 6th August 20143 Years41.05CompletedAbstract
Linux Cluster with monitoring consoles.
26Study of Atmospheric Aerosols over NCR using Chemical Transport  Model by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.Prof. Manju MohanCentre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT DelhiMoES/16/41/2012-RDEAS 11th May 20153 Years29.32On-goingAbstract
27Spatial Modeling of land use dynamics and its impact on fluxes and Ecosytem services in Eastern Ghats, India in present and future climate scenarioDr. V. ChakravarthiCentre for Earth & Space Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad – 500 046MoES/16/17/2014-RDEAS 14th Aug 20153 Years63.63On-goingAbstract
Portable Ceptometer, Computer workstation, handheld field GPS, and RS & GIS Software
28Analysis and Projections of extreme weather events over the state of Jammu & KashmirProf. Sheikh Javed

Univ. of Kashmir


16th Dec., 2015

3 year24.11On-going 
29Investigation of Alternative Atmospheric Layer Scaling Properties Over Complex Terrains of Himalaya, GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environmental & Development Kosi-Katarmai, Almora, Uttarakhand

Dr Sandipan Mukherjee

GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environmental & Development Kosi-Katarmai, Almora, Uttarakhand


4th March 2016

3 year36.35On-going1.Met equipment 2.Tough book
30Environmental notice mapping for Guwahati City

Dr. Sharad Gokhale

IIT, GuwahatiMoES/16/38/2012-RDEAS ,18th Feb.20163 year55.98On-going1.Digican with full at least 32 GB HDR camcorder for traffic count 2.Speed radar gun- 3.Digital sound level meter 4.Portable weather monitor 5.Handheld GPS reviewer 6.Soundplan,
31Tropospheric and lower stratospheric processes over the northern Arabian Sea and their influence on the variability of Indian Summer MonsoonDr. M.R.Ramesh Kumar

NIO, Goa


18th March 2015
3 year18.94Completed 
32Investigation   Aerosol-cloud forced climate changes over India: a mutli-satellite approach

Dr. RohiniBhawar

University of Pune


16th Sep. 2015
3 year15.83On-going 

Quantification of impact of global warming on changes in precipitation patterns over India

Dr. Anoop Mishra

Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics, Sathyabama University, Jeppiaar


10 Aug., 2015
3 year15.43Completed 
34Monitoring Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) in Delhi University Area and accessing its Human Health ImpactsDr. Chirashree GhoshDepartment of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi


10 March 2017
3 year86.705On-going


2 Gas Analyzer (Co and CO2),

2 Bio-aerosol Sampler (Cascade Impactor)

2 Portable dust monitor and 1 Spirometer

35Improvement in heavy rainfall prediction over Eastern sector of India using high resolution mesoscale analysis and modelling system” by NIT Rourkela, OdishaDr. Krishna Kishore OsuriDept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, NIT


30 May 2017
3 year57.90On-going


40 core Parallel Processing Computer System

36“Lightning impact on ozone precursor over Indian region and its implications on tropospheric ozone”Dr. Swagata PayraBirla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi


3 years34.64On-goingServer- HP HPE DL380 Gen9 12LFF CTO With two processors and 512 GB RAM with 24 TB HDD
37Response of land surface processes on simulation of Indian summer monsoon.Dr. P.V.S.Raju Amity University, Rajasthan, Jaipur

MoES/16/11/2016-RDEAS  02/8/2018

3 years 28.846On-goingNAS Storage Minor (1 High end PC)
38Characterization of flow structure in rotating convection with superimposition of vertical & horizonal heat fluxes.Prof. Sridhar Balasubramanian, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

MoES/16/08/2016-RDEAS 12/9/2018

3 years


On-goingCamera, Light Source, Data Acquisition System, Workstation
39Innovative & efficient algae based system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions: A possible remedy to climate change.Dr. Kiran Bala, IIT Indore, Madhya PradeshMoES/16/19/2017-RDEAS 18/9/20183 years 78.60On-going


GC-MS/MS expansion to existing GC,

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer,

Carbon fixation closed reactor (Fabrication of algal reactor

40Microphysics of Cloud droplets and Aerosols: Experimental and computational study.Prof. Jaywant H. Arakeri, IISc, Bangalore

MoES/16/21/2017-RDEAS 08/8/2018

3 years 85.178On-going

Dual cavity pulse laser camera and optics,

Disk storage (~100TB)
41“Developing a Virtual Soil Moisture methodology using Optical/Thermal and Microwave Satellite Imagery for surface Soil Moisture Mapping” Dr. Kishan Singh Rawat, Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-informaticsSathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

MoES/16/13/2016-RDEAS 01/02/2019

3 years 36.694On-going


Workstation,  RISAT-1 (FRS-1),  LISS-IV, Solo+MIA (Standalone) Platforms

42Assessment of Carbon Storage and Floral Diversity of Sacred Groves in three Districts of Southern Kerala, supported by Technology Assisted Information ManagementDr. P.K. ShajiEnvironmental Resources Research Centre (ERRC), Thiruvananthapuram


3 years 63.912On-going 

Development of QCL-based robust and portable infrared spectrometer for measurements of HONO at atmospheric levels and probing HONO production in trace quantities in some laboratory reactions”

Dr. Tapas ChakrabortiIndian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata

MoES/16/13/2018 (Atmos. Chem.) 06/02/2019

3 years 100.896On-going


Tunable mode-hop-free single-mode quantum cascade laser system, Astigmatic long-path gas cell, Thermoelectrically cooled (TEC) photovoltaic mid-infrared detectors

44Kinetic investigations of Reactions of Criegee Intermediates with C1-C3 carbonyl compounds and carboxylic acids in the Earth’s atmosphereDr. B. RajakumarIIT Madras, Chennai



3 years 100.22On-going

Dye laser, Delay generator, Photo Multiplier Tube, Mass flow Controllers, Capacitance Manometers


Establishment of Samudragupta MoES Chair & james Rennell MoES Young Fellow- IIT, Kharagpur

Prof. Amit Basak

IIT, Kharagpur

MoES/16/02/2011-RDEAS (MoU-IITKhgp)


3 years





Establishment of School of earth system Science at the University of Hydearbad

Prof. K.S. Krishna

University of Hyderabad


August, 2015

2 years





Establishment of MoES D.N.Wadia Chair" in the area of Earth Science at Indian Institute of Technology (IITK)

Dr. Professor B. V. Phani,  

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)                   

MoES/16/38/2010-RDEAS (MoU-IITK)


5 years





User Oriented M.Tech Programme on Ocean Technology

Prof. A.S. Sannasiraj

IIT, Madras



5 years





Support for ST Radar Facility at ACARR, CUSAT, KOCHI

Dr. S. Abhilash

Cochin University of Science and Technology,


3 years





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